Mozart Clarinet Quintet, etc/ Academy Chamber Ensemble (Label: Philips)
Academy of St. Martin-in-the Fields Chamber Ensemble
Anthony Pay - Clarinet
Timothy Brown -Horn
Neil Black - Oboe

This earliest and most popular clarinet quintet in A major, K581 by Mozart was written in 1789 for the clarinettist, Anton Stadler, hence it is sometimes known as the Stadler Quintet. It is composed for one clarinet and a string quartet and it is usually performed on a Clarinet in A or B-flat.

Anthony Pay is a renowned British clarinettist and a conductor. His remarkable debut as a soloist with Mozart clarinet concerto in the BBC proms 1969 was highly received. His interpretation of Mozart is uniquely warm and embracing.

The versatile Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Ensemble was developed since 1959, and had amazingly developed to accommodate various formations.
The collaboration between Anthony Pay and The Academy Chamber Ensemble is spectacular.

The quintet is deliciously delivered in a closely knitted and expressive manner. The tone is warm, rich and extravagant. One would be amazed at the lustre of the sound, the virtuosity of the musicians, the gushing beauty of the quintet and wonder what a genius Mozart was!

This beautiful quintet comes in many wonderful renditions but this particular recording has the warmest and the most fluid sound for my preference. It is wonderfully recorded, musically satisfactory and it promises hours of musical bliss.

~Written by Boon Sin Ler

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