In 1950s there were many changes. Electric guitar substituted acoustic, double bass was slowly substituted bass guitar, drums and harmonica played through guitar amplifier, PA system or microphone together with gospel and jazz together created  Rhythm’n’Blues.

Chicago was a centre for electric blues; other important cities were Memphis and Detroit. Chicago was influenced by Mississippi style (at the time many people migrated from Mississippi). The style is characterised by use of electric guitar, sometimes slide guitar, harmonica and a rhythm section of bass and drums.

Willie Dixon, Howlin’Wolf, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Read all migrated from Mississippi to Chicago.

During early 1950s Sam Phillips Sun Records challenged many small record companies (Chicago based- Chess Records and Checker Records) he recorded B.B. King and Howlin’ Wolf. Also he discovered Elvis Presley and started recording mainly Rock’n’Roll.

Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley both recorded for Chess whose playing was not a typical melancholy blues while John Lee Hooker deep rough voice accompanied by a single guitar gave a different characteristic to blues.

~ Written by Alma Konjhodzic

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