Blues in Orbit (Reis) [Original recording remastered]
Duke Ellington

This is a marvellous recording by Duke and his men.

The band had taken those seemingly straightforward blues and repetitive tunes to a deeper level, giving it the substance it deserves. Duke and his band perform their classic repertoire in a casual yet engaging manner.

Ray Nance’s charming violin solo on the track "C Jam Blues" was another glittering factor to this popular track.

Ellington’s blues is original, lasting and with depth. His persistence in music seeking had led him to experiment with various harmonic and melodic features of his compositions. Many of his reperotire are now standard jazz repertoires.

Some ever-popular tracks are "C Jam Blues", "In A Mellow Tone" and "Three J's Blues". "C Jam Blues" is my favourite track while "Sentimental Lady" and "Pie Eye Blues" are the 2 tracks I was recommended to.

The amazing sound effect of this re-master CD is a pleasure. One would never have guessed the original CD was recorded in 1950s.

~Written by Boon Sin Ler 

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