Pianist Jelly Roll Morton was one of the many, who had helped bring the style into the limelight by performing various musical styles, white popular songs and partly improvised rags in brothels in New Orleans during the beginning of 1900.

Jelly Roll Morton (1890 – 1941) 

He was well known for his virtuosity at the piano. His part-improvised-part-composed style had a casting effect over his fellow musicians.

His compositions contain carefully structured and meticulously organized details of instrumentations, textures and of various rhythmic and harmonic counterpoints. His arrangements were often said to be more like a re-construction of compositions.

Some of his compositions are “New Orleans Blues,” “King Porter Stomp,” “Wolverines,” and Jelly Roll Blues,” which was the first jazz orchestration to be published.

~ Written by Boon Sin Ler

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