Quarternotez Music Journal is a non-profit quarterly newsletter between Singapore and London. This is primarily a platform to promote music and musicians.

We have invited music professors, lecturers, teachers, performers from London and other parts of Europe to write on our Masters’ Series.

This is a free copy and we are extending our invitation to music students, music teachers, music lovers and musicians of all walks to join us in the following ways:


  • 1) Subscribe to our Music Journal - we will mail to you wherever you are
  • 2) Send in your music articles for publishing
  • 3) Write in to tell us any good musicians/artists you wish to recommend
  • 4) Advertise with us. Quarterly Ads starts with as little as SGD $80 per quarter
  • 5) Leave us a feedback


You may send us text messages via iMessage/whatsapp/wechat/LINE

at +65 87002816, or simply email us at info@quarternotez.com


We are launching our first issue soon... please stay tune :)