Play scales:
Play them either fast or slow, or fast and slow.
Play them in legato, as well as staccato.

Play C major, G major or D minor, in root position.
Play with pedal, then without pedal.

three notes:
Play the same three-note (such as C E G of C major) at the high, middle and low places of the keyboard.


Play in thirds:
Play C and E together, D and F together.

repeated notes:
Play repeated notes, with alternating fingerings.

the same chord:
Play the same chord in the same register, but on different pianos.

with force:
Play with more force, see that the instrument not only gets louder, it also gets brighter.

every note in the very lowest register:
Play to check that every note remains audible

every note in the very highest register:
Play and keep the keys down to check if they sings.
Play to ensure every note sounds different.

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~ Written by Boon Sin Ler