Tchaikovsky’s music is exceptionally tuneful, luxuriously and colourfully scored.  They were often filled with emotional intensity that directed right to the hearts and he loves to use repetition within these folksong-like melodies.

Tchaikovsky wrote most of his music for the orchestra and his musical textures often became increasingly cushioned by the wide range of harmony and colours he employed.

One of his well-known expertises was to create an unusual contrast of texture and colour between the treble and the bass instruments.

His music mirrored his life, both full of contradiction. It was likely due to the emotions that he had supressed within himself all his life, by repressed homosexuality, and his extreme fluctuation of emotions.

The true beauty of Tchaikovsky is to be found in his ballet music, with movements so grand and and graceful, and melodies so full of delicacy and inventiveness.

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~ Written by Boon Sin Ler