For some reasons, I love to associate the New Year with Spring, though it isn't always the case. It is perhaps because both New Year and Spring possess the similar necessary power to restart and reset. It's like going back to the beginning and starting from zero, erasing the page and starting over again.

Spring may not be my favourite season, but i do love the joy and energy that comes attached with the arrival of Spring. I especially fancy those spring-related joyous music, each illustrates a different side of Spring.
There are several spring related compositions by the great composers. Here are some reviews of our favourite recordings.

CD Reivews

Schumann’s ‘Spring’ Symphony was inspired by his love for his wife, Clara Schumann. It was composed the year after their marriage and it reflected the composer’s happiness and blissfulness during that period of his life.

In Russian, Rite of Spring
literally means Sacred Spring. It is the third ballet composed by Igor Stravinsky between 1911 and 1913, with its first premier in Paris in 1913. Click to read about the CD review of this most performed and admired scores of the twentieth century.

Vivaldi’s Spring, on the other hand, live to that deep, slow rhythm of earth and seasons, skies and rivers, with small birds singing or wild winds blowing.

Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi was so famous during his lifetime that he was the icon of his city, where tourists will approach him to write of piece of music as a souvenir. Antonio Vivaldi was one of the greatest musical figures of the Baroque period. But strangely his music was ignored for around two centuries after his death. His music and popularity was not rediscovered until the mid 20th century.

Among the cur
rent familiar names in baroque music, most composers have been known continuously since their lifetimes. But this is not the case for Antonio Vivaldi, Whose process of the rediscovery of his work proved to be a tedious and dramatic one. Find out why and how these important works are being recovered.

Read about Vivaldi's unique
compositional style and his influence on his contemporaries.

Peter And the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf
is one of my favourite
musical story. It is a composition by Sergei Prokofiev written in 1936 after his return to the Soviet Union. It is a children’s story with both music and text written by Prokofiev, spoken by a narrator accompanied by the orchestra.
Prokofiev once took his two sons to a performance at the Moscow children’s Music Theatre and this had led him to compose a musical symphony for children of this kind.

He completed Peter and the Wolf in just four days, with its first debut on 2nd May 1936.

Peter and the Wolf is the all-time favourite musical story for children and adults, and it is often used as an introduction to the
instruments of the orchestra for students.

For the new year of 2010, let's multiply our joy, minus our sorrows, divide away those woes, add up our hopes and smiles!

Happy New Year! Happy 2010!!!