Vivaldi – The Four Seasons; Violin Concertos (Label: EMI)
Itzhak Perlman ~ Conductor/Performer
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra ~ Orchestra
London Philharmonic Orchestra ~ Orchestra

Venice, Vivaldi and the violin, was said to be inseparable. This was explicitly shown in “The Four Seasons”. Everybody knows this work of Vivaldi and Spring is one of the best known classical pieces of all times. It spells a joyous celebration of the season filled with bird song and dance.

The violin concertos that make up The Four Seasons are masterpieces of ‘programme music’. ‘Programme music’ means a composition written based on some extra-musical ideas such as a poem, a story, a scene, an object or a person. Each of the four concertos is preceded by a poem in the fourteen-line sonnet form depicting the moods and events of the concerto itself.

Itzhak Perlman’s version of “The Four seasons” vividly illustrates the moods and colour of the changing seasons from Spring to Winter. His clarity of tone and flawless technique is masterful. Spring, in particular, is highlighted with that right amount of intensity and light-heartedness that doesn’t overflow.

Together with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, this is a breathtaking performance that is inspiring, delightful and powerful. Perlman has given a warm and emotional rendition, very faithful to that of Vivaldi.

This is by far my favourite version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

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~Written by Boon Sin Ler