Introduction of the instruments used

Each character in the story has a musical theme played by different instruments in the orchestra.

The Bird's Theme is played by a Flute.    


The Flute belongs to the woodwind family and it is held sideways. Sound is produced by the player across the mouth hold. Its tone is soft, silvery and agile, becoming brighter on the high notes. When produced on the lower register, the flute can produce very charmingly hollow and cylindrical sound.

The Duck's Theme is played by an Oboe.    


The Oboe is a double-reed woodwind instrument. It is slightly conical in shape and opens out at its lower end into the bell. The player puts the double reed into his mouth and blows between the two pieces of cane to produce sound. The sound of oboe is reedy and rather good at sad tunes. Some think the sound of oboe resembles the human cry. However, when played quickly with staccato, it can also sound very lively and playful.

The Cat's Theme is played by a Clarinet.    


The clarinet is a single reed woodwind instrument. It has a cylindrical tube with a mouthpiece at one end and a bell at the other. Sound is produced by blowing at the mouthpiece but different notes are obtained by a system of keys.

The Grandfather's Theme is played by the Bassoon.    


The Bassoon is actually a bass oboe, the bass of the woodwind family. It is a double-reed instrument with a conical tube that doubled up itself in length. There are four sections of wood which fit tightly together. The player supports the instrument with a sling. Each register has its own tone quality.

The Wolf's Theme is played by French Horns.    


The French Horn has a conical tube long coiled into a circular shape. Its funnel-shaped mouth piece leads to a wide flaring bell with three valves. The player supports the instrument with his right hand resting in the bell. The horn can be muted with a mute or by inserting the player’s hand into the bell. The French horn has a mellow, majestic and powerful tone.

The Hunter's Theme is played by the Timpani Drums.    


The timpani is the only drums that can produce notes of definite pitch (i.e. exact pitch). It is also the only percussion instrument always used in the orchestra. Only two were used in the 18th century classical. Today, usually 3 are used but occasionally more are required. Another name for the timpani is known as the kettledrums.

And lastly, Peter's Theme is played by the Strings in the orchestra.    

Strings in the orchestra refer to instruments belonging to the bowed string family. It consists of four members namely the violin, viola, cello (used to be known as violoncello) and double bass. The smallest being the violin, the smallest who plays the highest notes, followed by viola, cello and finally the double bass, who plays the lowest notes.

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