Sergei Prokofiev - Romeo & Juliet (Label: Decca)
Sergei Prokofiev ~ Composer
Lorin Maazel ~ Conductor
David Zauder ~ Performer
Cleveland Orchestra ~ Orchestra
Daniel Majeske ~ Performer

Lorin Maazel and Cleveland Orchestra perform Shakespeare’s saddest love tragedy and Prokofiev’s most glamorous melodies.

Sergei Prokofiev 

Romeo & Juliet is one of Prokofiev's greatest achievements

Maazel’s rendition of Prokofiev’s most glorious ballet is dramatic, incisive and marvellously elegant. His expressive interpretation is rationally, yet sentimentally, in balanced with the thrill and the rhythmic intensity. The fighting scenes and the loving scenes create a delicious contrast which adds on to the bittersweet lyricism of the composition.

Cleveland Orchestra’s renders a magnificent performance too. Their melodies are beautifully woven under Maazel’s authoritative conducting. The presence of the irresistible dance energy within the performance was truly inspiring.

Prokofiev’s ravishing melodies, topped with Maazel’s soulful interpretation and Cleveland Orchestra’s stunning playing, one could vividly visualise every scene before the eyes. I especially enjoy the scene when Juliet lifelessly danced with Count Paris. Every detail is beautifully shaped as the music swayed and moved, and a reluctant Juliet came alive in my mind.
      This romantic ballet is one of Prokofiev’s greatest achievements. His understanding of the emotional scope of the play had enabled him to interpret and transform this classic Shakespeare’s tragedy into a lyrical fairy tale on stage.

A rare romantic indulgence, this classic 2-CD recording from Decca is a listening experience that is dramatically, romantically and musically complete.

~ Written By Boon Sin Ler

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