Many composers of the Romantic era wrote intensely personal music, and Franz Schubert was one of them. His works often revealed his innermost thoughts as a composer.

Schubert wrote close to 1000 works in his remarkably short life, and out of which, more than 600 are songs. His output was vast, and he composed fairly quickly.

It is clear that his early works were greatly influenced by the classical sonata forms of Mozart and Beethoven. However his developments are often more of a melodic structure than a harmonic building. Schubert is particularly noted for his enchanting melodies with original melodic and harmonic writing.

In his more than 600 Lieder, Schubert had explored and expanded the potentialities of his 600 lieder as no other composers before him had done.

Franz Liszt, who was a significant force in spreading of Schubert’s work after his death, had transcribed and arranged a number of Schubert’s works, particularly the songs. Antonin Dvorak, Hector Berlioz and Anton Bruckner had also shown particular interest to Schubert’s symphonies. Benjamin Britten and Richard Strauss had paid homage to Schubert in their works.  Britten had performed Schubert’s solo and duo works extensively, and had also accompanied many of Schubert’s Lieder.

He ranks among the very greatest of composers in all forms except opera and concertos, of which he wrote none.

~ Written By Boon Sin Ler

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