Russian Easter (Label: Philips)

Alexei Buzakin (Performer)
Vladimir Passiukov (Performer)
Viktor Kalinnikov (Composer)
Alexander Grechaninov (Composer)
Pavel Chesnokov (Composer)
Jonathan Hiermonk (Composer)
Stepan Degtyayov (Copmoser)
Dimitry Bortnyansky (Composer)
Nikolai Korniev (Conductor)
Natalia Kornewa (Performer)
Elena Fedotova (Performer)
Larissa Liubashevskaya (Performer)
Elena Miskhina (Performer)
Vladiimir Mostovoy (Performer)

This CD featured the hymns written by various composers, is a celebration of Easter. "Russian Easter" is a collection of eleven non-instrumental pieces performed by the remarkably adept St. Petersburg Chamber Choir. The theme centred around Christ's Passion, and each hymn is powerful and magnificent of its own.

he St Petersburg Chamber Choir, one of Russian’s finest choirs, has been known to have a powerfully soaring quality that is uniquely their own. In contrast with their lushly rich biggest fortes, my breath was almost taken away when the choir embraces the softest pianissimos – it was as though they were tiptoeing across the room, all at the same time. The effect is magnificent!

Under the direction of Nikolai Korniev, this sumptuous collection of Easter music performed by the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir was performed in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in St. Petersburg, Russia. The magnificent structure and the accoustics of the Cathedral had added to the spiritual effect of the recording.

~Written by Boon Sin Ler

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