Folk-Inspired Classical refers to those classical music compositions that were influenced or inspired by folk music, or composed with folk music ideas in mind. They generally come with a folk music background or of a folk music origin.

Over the years, many composers have taken different approaches to incorporate folk music into their compositions. And along the way, the audience will enjoy and be educated about the original folk music tradition.

Folk-Inspired Classical also reveals how folk music has influenced classical composers over the years. Folk-inspired Classical can sometimes be a musical commentary to present the original folk song via classical style.

The source materials for these music compositions derive from folk traditions from various regions of countries as well as Europe. The listening experience resembles an interesting music mini-tour illustrating the richness of both folk and classical music and the intermingling of these traditions.

Folk-Inspired Classical also serves as a merging media between the two extremes.

1) The names of great classical composers were transmitted in the written tradition along with their compositions, but traditional folk songs are anonymous.

2) Cultivated music had to please the wealthy patron who paid the composer, but a folk song had to appeal to the entire community in order to survive over generations.

3) Thus cultivated music was aristocratic and folk music was communal. Each reflected its audience's values.

4) Cultivated music was often quite complex and required specialized musicians who were hired to perform it, whereas folk songs remained simple, so that anyone could memorize, sing, or play them.

~ Written by Boon Sin Ler

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