A list of the more popular composers associated with their Folk-Inspired classical are:

Johannes Brahms
Ballade Edward (based on a Scottish ballad)
19 Hungarian Dances

Ludwig van Beethoven
Contra-Dances (arranged from orchestra to piano) or
Some of his arrangements of Welsh, Irish, and Scottish folk songs

Aaron Copland
Excerpts from Rodeo (Western folk tunes)

Frederic Chopin
Various Mazurkas (Polish folk dances)
7 Polonaises, 14 Waltzes and 17 Mazurkas

Bela Bartok
Three Rondos or
Excerpts from 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs

Antonin Dvorak
Dvorak's 16 Slavonic Dances

Zoltan Kodaly
Hary Janos

Alexander Borodin
Hungarian Rhapsodies

Enrique Granados
Granados' 12 Spanish Dances

Isaac Albeniz

Georges Bizet

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
50 Russian Folk Songs arranged for solo piano

Franz Schubert
12 Deutsche Tanze
16 Deutsche Tanze

Maurice Ravel

Edward Elgar
Patriotic marches
3 Bavarian Dances

Franz Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsodies

 ~ Compiled by Boon Sin Ler

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