Granados 12 Spanish Dances (Label – RCA)
Enrique Granados (Composer)
Alicia de Larrocha (Performer, Piano)

The 12 Spanish Dances (Danzas españolas) for piano were composed in 1890, and initially published in four sets of three dances each. These early works were one of Granados' first successes as a composer, and have become one of his most popular piano works, second only to the masterly Goyescas.

These 12 Spanish Dances have been transcribed for guitar and orchestra, and are more often heard on the guitar than on the piano, especially the famous 5th dance, Andaluza, sometimes named Playera, which is one of the most performed Spanish classical pieces.

Alicia de Larrocha, a leading Spanish pianist, gives a tender and delicate rendition of Granados Spanish Dances with exquisite touches that leads the audiences into a beautiful landscape.

Her interpretation of these Spanish Dances is breathtakingly beautiful and every melodic line resembles a strand of beautifully coloured thread running under her fingers.

The luxurious melody of Granados are gorgeously played, with passion and with precision; with warmth as well as coziness, accompanied by her uniquely Spanish sentiments.

Every dance in the recording is a delight. The power and beauty that Larrocha brings to this entire work is tremendous. A fabulous recording that fits all moods.

~ Written by Boon Sin Ler 

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