Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma,  a remarkably talented musician with an engaging personality.

Yo-Yo Ma may have the best cello technique of anyone around, past or present. He is said to be one of the top world cellist, beginning his professional musicianship since he was 5.

Born in Paris to Chinese parents and had musical upbringing. Yo-Yo Ma began to study the cello with his father at age four and later moved to New York with his family, where Ma had the good fortune to be heard by such great musicians as Pablo Casals and Isaac Stern.

Ma spent his early childhood in France. He and an older sister began their musical studies on the violin at a very young age, he later studied the viola, and finally found his true calling by taking up the cello at age four. He began performing at age five, and at age eight, he appeared on the American television with his sister, in a concert conducted by Leonard Bernstein.

He later graduated from Trinity School at age fifteen and performed as a soloist with the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra.

Ma studied with Leonard Rose of Julliard School of Music, then later attended Harvard University. When he graduated from Harvard University in 1976, he was already an internationally reputated cellist. He is best known for his interpretations of Bach and Beethoven and also for
his ability to interpret music of various styles. He is also famous for his extraordinary technique and is best known as Grammy-winning celebrity cellist.

Ma performed and recorded a wide range of the standard cello repertoire, including works of the contemporary composers. Apart from his many recording, his collaborations with a huge range of artists and musicians, for his age, are often being marvelled at. 

In 1998 he founded the Silk Road Project, an arts organization that explores and exchanges of historical cultures and ideas between Asian and Western countires. In 2000, he founded the Silk Road Ensemble, with the aim at bringing together musicians from diverse countries all of which are historically linked via the Silk Road.

In 2001 he was dubbed "Sexiest Classical Musician" by PEOPLE magazine.

For many years, Ma, the world-class soloist and chamber music player, has participated in many projects for television and concerts. His remarkable musicianship and extraordinary tone are a true gem to the music society.

Ma currently plays with his Silk Road Ensemble. He is also the Artistic Director of the Silk Road Ensemble.

~ Written by Boon Sin Ler

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