Dvorak – Piano Trios Op. 65, Op. 90 (Label- Hyberion UK)
Florestan Trio:
Richard Lester - Cello
Susan Tomes - Piano
Anthony Marwood – Violin

This CD featured two popluar trios of Antonin Dvorak, No. 3 in F minor, Op. 65 and No. 4 in E minor, Op. 90. Both trios are much contrast in nature, with Op. 65 being more dramatic and Op. 90 being more subtle and warm.

However, both trios are equally beautiful and marvellous.

The third Trio in F minor, Op. 65, is a rather lengthy piece of around 40-minutes, which was composed in 1883 around Dvorak’s mother death. Hence, the flavour of this work is by nature dramatic and passionate and somewhat bitter.

It is said that this work was written in a harmonic and contrapuntal Brahmsian style that was totally classical and formal.

The renowned Florestan Trio had beautifully and cleverly, captured the soul of this trio. They were sensitive and full of virtuosity. I’m particularly thrilled with the second movement, where the piano is luxurious and lyrical.

The fourth Trio in E minor, Op. 90, on the other hand, has an uncommon six movements. This trio, which is also known as The Dumky Trio, is perhaps one of the most performed and recorded trios.

The Florestan Trio employed a fair bit of melancholy mood, allowing it to contrast greatly with the joyous and fast-moving sections, had really spurred up the colours of this work.

This is a wonderful recording with a fantastic chamber group.

~Written by Boon Sin Ler

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