Artur Rubinstein is a legend.

A world-class pianist who had made numerous recordings and whose name is a label that guarantees the record sales.

His energy on the piano was unbelievable for his age. His fame was world-wide and far spread as compared to many of the musicians of his times. His excellent interpretation of Chopin’s music was only one of the many reasons for his evergreen popularity.

This Polish-American pianist was born in the year of 1887 and promptly revealed his talent on the piano at the age of two. As a child prodigy, Rubinstein began his formal piano study in Warsaw and shortly after and moved to Berlin when he was 10 years old. In 1900, he made his first debut with the Berlin Philharmonic. He was then only 13 years old. He was also under the musical guidance of Joseph Joachim, one of the most reputable teachers of his time.

1906 and 1912 marked his important debut in Carnegie Hall and London respectively but things did not turn out as well as it was expected to be. The turning point of his concert career happened around 1916, when he made his tour to Spain and South America, where he was gained his first enormously popularity.

He had since enjoyed enormous fame for the many years that follows.

Rubinstein’s time was said to be distributed between wine, women and music. His busy concert and recording career was well balanced alongside with his wine and women, much thanks to his rare talent and his photographic memory.

Being blessed as one of the few musicians who had achieved all that he had wanted before he died, Rubinstein’s music reflects the contentment and happiness of his extremely fulfilled life.

His charm on the piano is irresistible to many, and his ability to bring across to his audiences his positive energy and joy is one of the most extraordinary personalities amongst the many performers and musicians of his generation.

His craftsmanship on the piano was superb, articulated and impeccable. He could synchronise to his piano at almost any time he sat on it. He could produce powerful and thundering big sound yet at the same time remained subtle in his articulations. He was a rare natural pianist and his fame as a talented pianist was well-known throughout his life.

Rubinstein is unique when it comes to interpretation of music. He absorbed the mannerisms of the Romanticism but abandoned those excesses. Hence, his playing was often described as intellectually romantic, yet at the same time, romantically intellectual.

Rubinstein’s numerous recordings and his extraordinary charisma had brought him a tremendous increased of fame around 1936. Around the same time, one of the other equivalent pianists was Vladimir Horowitz, who often took unpredictable time-off from his audiences.

Rubinstein, on the other hand, was never away. Instead, much of his life was spent playing, performing and recording. This consistency had greatly sustained his popularity and fame that went on for many decades.

He was one of the greatest and most beloved artists across the romantic and 20th century era.

~Written by Boon Sin Ler

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